January 26 '21 @ 03:00

Hey @DoorDash, it would be really appreciated to be able to ask for no plastic ware when ordering...

January 22 '21 @ 23:43

Telegram users are frustrated everyone is moving to Signal, instead of their closed source, for profit alternative...

January 21 '21 @ 03:04

Thank fuck we're rid of Ajit Pai.

January 18 '21 @ 14:33

So a president that was impeached.... twice.... can still pardon others? How messed up is that?

January 17 '21 @ 03:57

“The Intouchables” is on Netflix. Highly recommend this French comedy based in a true story.

January 16 '21 @ 02:40

I don’t agree with DHH on a lot of things, but this is good. If you are offended by the change, you’re part of the… https://t.co/CE1kAB8Egi

January 11 '21 @ 21:51

Amazon wants you to install Homebrew on Linux to setup their SAM CLI.... because you know, Linux distributions don'… https://t.co/i6c2quxVod

January 08 '21 @ 01:51

Never too late to stop using WhatsApp.

January 06 '21 @ 00:16

Always leave the kitchen in a cleaner state than when you started cooking.