April 25 '22 @ 23:22

Uninstalling the Twitter app. My Mastodon will hopefully not remain too quiet: https://t.co/vK7h1gqRJ7

April 24 '22 @ 19:26

Only 58.2% votes for Macron. It gets closer every time…

April 24 '22 @ 18:17

I've been exporting effects built in @Effekseer to sprite-sheets. But has anyone ever used them directly in @YoYoGames' GameMaker Studio?

April 23 '22 @ 01:33

😂 I’m looking forward to getting rid of node-fetch and whatwg-fetch in favor of a decent standard. https://t.co/xHhtCESudn

April 17 '22 @ 01:00

This is about 2 hours from where I was born. Check out Adrien Le Moigne's feed for some great pictures of Birttany! https://t.co/EBTWDT4OmN

April 15 '22 @ 00:45

If that idiot buys Twitter, I'm not gonna stick around.

April 14 '22 @ 00:13

The irony… ‘Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet’ NFT Went on Sale for $48M. It Ended With a Top Bid of Just $280 https://t.co/27vS7S9tGh

April 12 '22 @ 03:30

Just received by mail, from the French government, information on the presidential candidates I can vote for 2 days ago. Well done.

March 30 '22 @ 23:59

“Une autre” is french for “Encore”.

March 28 '22 @ 02:15

Wish Twitch had live subtitles, would be a great way to learn Spanish while watching @ViolentKain’s stream.

March 28 '22 @ 01:06

So I’ve been using @Neeva as my default search engine. Got a subscription even though I don’t particularly care fo… https://t.co/NiGmZkuAr9

March 24 '22 @ 22:56

The fact that this is not the default in Firefox is outrageous. They let me choose my default fonts in settings but… https://t.co/C8t3RZBm9d