I'm Damien Le Berrigaud, Software Engineer for Pivotal Software. I like working with Kotlin, F#, Elm, Android, iOS (Swift or Objective-C), Go... I've had previous experiences in Ruby and .NET.

That's a lot of technologies that I got to work with while working at Pivotal Labs and in my previous jobs. In order to keep up-to-date, I keep rebuilding this website.

This version is written in F# for the frontend and for the backend running on the .NET Core platform. The source code is entirely available on my github.

You can choose to follow multiple of my feeds, on a single page, by using the menu at the top of the page.

January 25 '22 @ 19:37

People that try to apologize should explain why they were wrong, not why they thought it was right. How do we know… https://t.co/BqjFNhSkud

January 19 '22 @ 01:22

I don’t like it when people are called talented when they have clearly spent hundreds of hours honing their skills.… https://t.co/eCY7VAVhZg

January 15 '22 @ 14:33

J'aurais jamais eu mon master si des egoïstes comme ça écrivaient les lois. Votez. https://t.co/Mp7SAJAgML

January 07 '22 @ 15:33

Every once in a while you hear the joke of the software engineers that spent a whole day figuring out that they wer… https://t.co/mkVFQ64onx

January 07 '22 @ 03:39

Having drinking water from the tap is underrated. It’s back!

January 07 '22 @ 03:24

Re-watching “Miracle workers”, it’s currently HBO. Hilarious TV series with Steve Buscemi, Daniel Radcliffe, Karan… https://t.co/3uPLBfTUQ7

January 03 '22 @ 02:00

Been watching Ted Lasso. Should be a required watch to anyone than needs to work on their empathy… that is anyone really.

December 31 '21 @ 02:33

Evacuated our house in Louisville earlier this afternoon. Hoping the fires won’t reach it. We are safe though.

December 30 '21 @ 15:07

Frontend validations do not help with having consistent data. Any validations that you have on your frontend but no… https://t.co/FzlBfmBKQa