I'm Damien Le Berrigaud, Lead Developer at initialCapacity[]. I like working with Kotlin, F#, Elm, Android, iOS (Swift or Objective-C)... I also sometimes enjoy Typescript, Python, Go... I've had previous experiences in Ruby and .NET.

That's a lot of technologies that I got to work with while working at Pivotal Labs and in my previous jobs. In order to keep up-to-date, I keep rebuilding this website.

This version is written in F# for the frontend and for the backend running on the .NET platform. The source code is entirely available on my github.

You can choose to follow multiple of my feeds, on a single page, by using the menu at the top of the page.

August 17 '22 @ 01:04

What's more important: code that's as close to perfection as possible, or code that's easy to change or replace?

April 25 '22 @ 23:22

Uninstalling the Twitter app. My Mastodon will hopefully not remain too quiet: https://t.co/vK7h1gqRJ7

April 24 '22 @ 19:26

Only 58.2% votes for Macron. It gets closer every time…

April 24 '22 @ 18:17

I've been exporting effects built in @Effekseer to sprite-sheets. But has anyone ever used them directly in @YoYoGames' GameMaker Studio?

April 23 '22 @ 01:33

😂 I’m looking forward to getting rid of node-fetch and whatwg-fetch in favor of a decent standard. https://t.co/xHhtCESudn

April 17 '22 @ 01:00

This is about 2 hours from where I was born. Check out Adrien Le Moigne's feed for some great pictures of Birttany! https://t.co/EBTWDT4OmN

April 15 '22 @ 00:45

If that idiot buys Twitter, I'm not gonna stick around.

April 14 '22 @ 00:13

The irony… ‘Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet’ NFT Went on Sale for $48M. It Ended With a Top Bid of Just $280 https://t.co/27vS7S9tGh

April 12 '22 @ 03:30

Just received by mail, from the French government, information on the presidential candidates I can vote for 2 days ago. Well done.

March 30 '22 @ 23:59

“Une autre” is french for “Encore”.

March 28 '22 @ 02:15

Wish Twitch had live subtitles, would be a great way to learn Spanish while watching @ViolentKain’s stream.

March 28 '22 @ 01:06

So I’ve been using @Neeva as my default search engine. Got a subscription even though I don’t particularly care fo… https://t.co/NiGmZkuAr9

March 24 '22 @ 22:56

The fact that this is not the default in Firefox is outrageous. They let me choose my default fonts in settings but… https://t.co/C8t3RZBm9d