I'm Damien Le Berrigaud, Lead Developer at initialCapacity[]. I like working with Kotlin, F#, Elm, Android, iOS (Swift or Objective-C)... I also sometimes enjoy Typescript, Python, Go... I've had previous experiences in Ruby and .NET.

That's a lot of technologies that I got to work with while working at Pivotal Labs and in my previous jobs. In order to keep up-to-date, I keep rebuilding this website.

This version is written in F# for the frontend and for the backend running on the .NET platform. The source code is entirely available on my github.

You can choose to follow multiple of my feeds, on a single page, by using the menu at the top of the page.

October 14 '22 @ 20:34

iOS/Mac devs what do you all think about Fastlane's match for handling of your signing certs?

October 13 '22 @ 15:58

$ scoop install archwsl A minute later it's installed and running... kinda nice.

October 11 '22 @ 06:25

The usage of the term "monad" is a disservice to non functional programmers and functional programmers alike here..… https://t.co/Tvi9241jZM

September 29 '22 @ 22:35

Still remember when Google fanboys were trying to convince everyone that Stadia was going to be different! Yet ano… https://t.co/TRqQi4Xb2P

September 17 '22 @ 04:08

Friend of mine makes this traditional French mustard. It’s de-li-cious! Can be found online or in select Colorado… https://t.co/7I7zkzh69K