I'm Damien Le Berrigaud, Software Engineer for Pivotal Software. I like working with Kotlin, F#, Elm, Android, iOS (Swift or Objective-C), Go... I've had previous experiences in Ruby and .NET.

That's a lot of technologies that I got to work with while working at Pivotal Labs and in my previous jobs. In order to keep up-to-date, I keep rebuilding this website.

This version is written in F# for the frontend and for the backend running on the .NET Core platform. The source code is entirely available on my github.

You can choose to follow multiple of my feeds, on a single page, by using the menu at the top of the page.

January 26 '21 @ 03:00

Hey @DoorDash, it would be really appreciated to be able to ask for no plastic ware when ordering...

January 22 '21 @ 23:43

Telegram users are frustrated everyone is moving to Signal, instead of their closed source, for profit alternative...

January 21 '21 @ 03:04

Thank fuck we're rid of Ajit Pai.

January 18 '21 @ 14:33

So a president that was impeached.... twice.... can still pardon others? How messed up is that?

January 17 '21 @ 03:57

“The Intouchables” is on Netflix. Highly recommend this French comedy based in a true story.

January 16 '21 @ 02:40

I don’t agree with DHH on a lot of things, but this is good. If you are offended by the change, you’re part of the… https://t.co/CE1kAB8Egi

January 11 '21 @ 21:51

Amazon wants you to install Homebrew on Linux to setup their SAM CLI.... because you know, Linux distributions don'… https://t.co/i6c2quxVod

January 08 '21 @ 01:51

Never too late to stop using WhatsApp.

January 06 '21 @ 00:16

Always leave the kitchen in a cleaner state than when you started cooking.