I'm Damien Le Berrigaud, Software Engineer for Pivotal Software. I like working with Kotlin, F#, Elm, Android, iOS (Swift or Objective-C), Go... I've had previous experiences in Ruby and .NET.

That's a lot of technologies that I got to work with while working at Pivotal Labs and in my previous jobs. In order to keep up-to-date, I keep rebuilding this website.

This version is written in F# for the frontend and for the backend running on the .NET Core platform. The source code is entirely available on my github.

You can choose to follow multiple of my feeds, on a single page, by using the menu at the top of the page.

September 21 '20 @ 15:57

It's 2020 Apple... let me increase the MacOS font size on external displays. Can't believe accessibility advocates aren't all over that...

September 18 '20 @ 13:29

XCode has some build cache invalidation issues... why do I have to restart it every day or so because of some rand… https://t.co/dYaBElhIsR

September 15 '20 @ 02:52

Been waching @CobraKaiSeries on Netflix... you should totally watch it, it’s great.

September 09 '20 @ 00:55

Yesterday: beutiful sunny weather, around 30 degrees Celsius (86F). Today: Cold and rainy all day, now down pourin… https://t.co/1zHVp36dyz

September 05 '20 @ 17:30

Don't bring in a library for something that you can write yourself. Learn more things to minimize your dependencie… https://t.co/NFaOPpl0nJ

September 02 '20 @ 14:11

Have you ever tried turning off the network of the iOS simulator while still pairing on Zoom? Kinda tough... if no… https://t.co/OxdLPQehYb