May 05 '21 @ 22:58

First scene from Desperado, featuring the incredible Steve Buscemi... What a great scene! https://t.co/BRNjOEFXyV

May 04 '21 @ 14:19

Don't use JHipster for production software. It's cool if you want to learn some JVM technologies though.

May 03 '21 @ 20:32

XCode project file format is a huge hinderance for doing refactorings. Things that should simply be moving a folde… https://t.co/rRuhjH2PVj

May 02 '21 @ 19:27

If you can’t pay your employees a living wage and give them health insurance, you’re really doing everyone a favor… https://t.co/fPEEqieExk

April 29 '21 @ 00:06

Deadpool’s super power is clearly learning how to sew super fast.

April 28 '21 @ 01:33

Love it when it rains, specially in Colorado when it’s so sparse.

April 25 '21 @ 20:14

Does not cover anything around editor tooling. Having a good static type language is great, but tooling has to foll… https://t.co/ssIZ707Y0e

April 25 '21 @ 00:42

Can’t believe people actually think that when absolutely everything indicates the exact opposite. https://t.co/vizvM90X57

April 22 '21 @ 00:51

Software Engineer position in Tokyo! Great team to work with, just mentioning. https://t.co/H4D2J78tjC

April 18 '21 @ 14:46

Can't play tennis today, Pfizer shot from yesterday hurts our arm pretty badly today... so we're sad and happy!

April 18 '21 @ 14:44

Also when you have static typing, you can leverage the name + the type to convey what the value represents. Ideall… https://t.co/2bWyLssCEc

April 15 '21 @ 20:22

Want a Pi-Hole at home but lazy to set it up? A colleague just shared this link - https://t.co/BQgOazK4mt

April 15 '21 @ 00:31

"Dogfooding" is a terrible way to validate your product. Many companies do it but do not work enough on getting th… https://t.co/nzets8atoK

April 10 '21 @ 13:36

Xbox Game Pass on PC has improved significantly in one year.